EPIS membership list 

   General Trade Rules


The European Pulp Industry Sector Association AISBL, in short EPIS, is an international non-profit organization consisting of companies producing chemical or mechanical market pulps. EPIS, founded in 2005, is governed by Belgian law.

EPIS is currently comprised of 14 full members and 5 associate members.

The General Assembly, the Steering Committee and the Secretary General are the governing bodies of the association.


The mission of EPIS is to benefit its members and third parties, and to collect, process and distribute statistics regarding chemical and mechanical market pulp production, shipments and inventories, all in accordance with the details and periodicity pre-determined by the members collectively.

To this end, EPIS will:

- SPEARHEAD market research and studies on both the short and long term outlook for supply and demand of products of the industry;

- EXCHANGE general technical information, including the creation or modification of international standards for industry products;

- PROMOTE a better understanding of the progress made by the industry and of the benefits arising from the use of its products;

- INFORM its members, international organizations and the general public about industry activities via scientific studies, documentation and publications of common interest, in order to make known the progress achieved by the industry, its products and their use, namely with respect to public health and environment;

- SAFEGUARD the common interests of its members vis-à-vis international organizations and public authorities, as well as represent them in discussions with such organizations or authorities.

EPIS works in close collaboration with CEPI, the Confederation of European Paper Industries, based in Brussels.